When Visiting Leawood Baptist Church

Inspiration occurs when God blesses us, and worship occurs when we bless God.  God delights in blessing His children, so when we gather for blended worship services at Leawood Baptist Church, our hope is for us to experience inspiration and a blessing from God.

You can expect to be greeted warmly--though not in a way that makes you uncomfortable. We won't single you out as a visitor. You can expect to hear people sing joyfully around you, some raising their hands. You can expect to hear a sermon centered on Jesus. There is no other subject more worthy of note than our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Nothing matters more than the love of God poured out in the cross of Christ. So that is what we spend our time on. Expect to leave not with a burden on your shoulders because you have to live up to something, but with a spring in your step because Jesus has done everything necessary for you.

Feel free to dress casually at Leawood, if you wish to. We're not so concerned about the way a person is dressed as what is in their heart. In 1 Samuel 16, the Lord tells us, "man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart."